A little bit about Ample Gear

About UsloisWe’ve been around for a while – we’re reliable folks to work with.

Ample Gear is a ‘mom and pop’ company owned and operated by Tom Walker and Lois Eiler. (Yes, married, but Lois kept her name.) No huge warehouse, no fleet of employees – just the family and a few helpers. We are stunningly productive. Ahem.

We have been in our business together doing advertising, marketing and design work since the dinosaurs and doing internet stuff since – well – since it started. (Tom’s hair is gray. Lois’ is not.) We sell fun t-shirts under the brand “Big Head Bob” (I did say ‘fun’, didn’t I?) and some of our stuff is amazingly popular! You can find our shirts on bigheadbob.com, Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

We are located in the fab pacific northwest on purpose. It is scenic everywhere! The weather here is never hot but not really ever cold, either, which is a big deal to us; we moved away from the heat of the sun belt because it was just – too – HOT. But, yes, it is gray and misty. (shrug) We love it.

We have kid and cats and play taxi to school and martial arts classes and game night and church and all that normal stuff. We  promise to keep the cats out of the shop. (Cat hair and ink = bad idea.)

We like the idea that you can wear what you think. Admission: We have a stunningly large wardrobe of t-shirts. Big surprise, yeah.