Base Prices: Color T-shirts with One Ink

General Prices

elf-bowling1 – 5 tees: $10 each
6 – 11: $9 each
12 – 17: $8 each
18 – 23: $6.50 each
24 – 49: $5.50 each
50+: $4.50 each

Other styles and sizes:

elf-poloLadies and youth t-shirts are $1 more each
Size 2X is $3 more each (to 5X available)

Other inks:

2 ink colors are $1 more each

Two sided prints:

Front and back shirts are $1 more each

Other products available, priced on request:
Polo shirts
Performance shirts
Denim shirts (long sleeve)
Zipper jackets
Courier bags
Baseball caps


Credit card transaction fees are assessed at cost for online sales.
Sales taxes are charged in the state of Washington.
There is no charge to list your product for sale on your own product page.
To buy from Ample Gear, you must show that you are purchasing for a group. This can be a business, club, charity or even an informal group – but you have to be able to tell us about it. Our goal is to sell more than one shirt (of course) and we provide ‘no set-up fee’ shirts on the basis of selling to groups who might purchase additional items. We do NOT provide service for individuals to sell designs online at this time.