Learn All About It – Frequently Asked Questions:


Sell online direct to your group or to the public!

Any group can run an Ample Gear fundraiser! We’ll set your design up with its own web page. Set the price and product options you want and watch the sales rack up!

How does this work?
When you request online sales, we put your garment on its own web page, such as ‘amplegear.com/myclub/’. Set your price, tell your story and let the world know. Then watch the sales rack up! Piece of cake!

How much does it cost?
The only charge is the cost of credit card processing for each sale. There is never a direct cost to your group. There is no charge to request online sales.

Is there any restriction on what I can raise money for?
Only groups and non-profits may use fundraisers. At this time there is no platform for individuals to launch designs for sale. If you are a qualifying individual ’cause’ then you will be allowed to sell. (Please inquire.) We do not permit adult material, hate speech or anything that can be construed as a violation of civil rights.

Are profits I make taxable?
Yes. Your group, company or charity is responsible for proper filing of fundraiser income.

Are fundraiser transactions secure?
YES! We use SSL encryption and process payments with top providers such as Amazon and Stripe. Profits are most often delivered with PayPal, a highly secure system.

How and when do we get paid?
We highly recommend that you get a PayPal account since sending money from one PayPal account to another is free and setting up an account is also free. If we issue a check, it will cost money for postage and you have to wait. If sales reach $100 or more gross we pay weekly, otherwise monthly.


Our discount printing methods will not accommodate every design. We print only one and two color designs in our program.

Did I read that design service is free???
YES. Design services are 100% free – if you are a non-profit. Please read more –

What does it cost to get an original design done?
Design for non-profits is FREE. Design for retail and for-profits starts at just $25 and this fee is waived with an 18 or more shirt batch order. You may use it as you wish; we will send you the original files for NO CHARGE.

Does that include making logos?
Yes. Naturally, we limit the work we do for free but there is no reason you can’t make a logo for a club or an event, etc. as part of the design.

We have a design we like but it isn’t ‘perfect.’ Can we send it and have you ‘clean it up’?
Certainly. There is usually no cost for this service and there is never a design cost for a non-profit. If your file is troublesome enough that we have to charge something, we’ll keep it to a minimum and let you know up front. We’ll never do work for a fee without your approval.

How do we send you our design files?
There is an upload button in our form, or you can just e-mail a file. Any ‘standard’ graphic file is fine.

What resolution is best?
Sometimes we ‘clean up’ or rebuild a low resolution file but we generally do not charge for this. 100 dpi and up will generally work fine and 72 dpi (screen resolution) can even work. Just keep in mind that the size on your screen needs to be close to the size it will actually print! A small thing on the screen is going to be small on the shirt!

What about ‘vector’ files?
We work with Adobe Illustrator, EPS, DXF and some other kinds of files with no issue.

What about fonts?
If you have a particular font you like, you should send it or at least tell us what it is (PC only.) If you have a Mac font, just tell us what it is – we might have it already.

Can we put you in touch with our designer?
Of course!

Get just one if you want. There is NO MINIMUM.
The price doesn’t start high because you want just a few – it’s the same low price for any number up to five and it only gets better from there. You might want just one to see how it looks… It’s up to you.

We really, truly don’t have a minimum order and there really aren’t any set-up costs. We’re short-order shirt chefs, I guess! We’d love to do 100’s – but we do small orders all the time, too. (See the ‘methods’ tab to learn more.)

NO GOAL. Make money from the first sale with zero delay.
Since there is no minimum order, there is also no ‘goal’ you have to presell to get your organization’s shirts delivered to buyers. If one buyer orders a shirt it goes out. And it goes right now, not later. You might not make a pile of loot from one or two sales but the system works, baby! Your group will make money with us – and that’s just the way it ought to be.

Can we print on other stuff besides t-shirts?
Sure! We’ve printed on sweats, hoodies, coats, shopping bags, courier bags, fashion tops, polos… We even do glitter-effects! Our wholesale product distributor is Alpha Broder. Anything you can find on alphabroder.com is available – and we do NOT mark up the clothing. The price to print on any kind of apparel is the same as a t-shirt. (Our error rate is *really* low.) We take deliveries as needed, including daily for many products. Most items are available all the time.

NOTE: Some products are not stocked in the Seattle warehouse and may take longer to arrive.

Do you print on all kinds of clothing? What about embroidery?
Our printing is limited to items normally available for screen printing. We do not at this time print to baseball hats, for instance, but please inquire. We do not do embroidery in-house.

Do you do athletic printing?
Yes – with some reservations. We can print on most athletic wear. We do not do the specialty printing with mesh holes in it, though.

Why are prices for non-profits lower?
Non-profits get a great discount because we want to support good causes. Simple as that. If you are a ‘for profit’ but your cause is great and your heart is pure, we might give you the same prices… just ask.

We’re not a non-profit. Can we still do fundraisers? Is there a way we can get the lower fundraiser prices?
Yes to both. A ‘for profit’ fundraiser will simply run at ‘general’ prices. You can get to the lower non-profit price by achieving volume. The prices for both for-profits and non-profits come together at 75 shirts or more.

What kind of t-shirts do we get?
You can choose from any of a zillion brands (take a look at alphashirt.com) but we use a few name brand shirts as ‘defaults': Gildan Ultra Cotton for unisex and Anvil ringspun for soft ladies (missy cut) shirts. These are inexpensive without being cheap, always available, hold ink well, come in more than 60 colors and they will last a long time. You can substitute several other ‘standard’ brands for no added cost. (Special brands or styles have different prices.)

We want a bunch of shirts for an event. Do we need to pre-pay for those?
Normally yes – but if you are in the Tacoma area we can produce t-shirts on site ‘on demand’ during your event! For that you do NOT need to pay in advance – not even one thin dime! *And* we only print what folks order that way. No wasted shirts! See our ‘case studies’ – we did that for the church auto show.

How can we save money on event shirts and avoid left-overs?
This is a tough one with only a few solutions.

You can order a small number of shirts (where you are more confident you can sell them all) and then take orders to be delivered later. You can also send folks to the web site to buy one later but getting folks to place the order and prepay at the event is more certain.

You can also just plan your price based on having leftovers… (You get deep discounts for getting more shirts.)

One other idea, though, is to do two designs: A simple one that you buy in bulk (cheap) and one that is a ‘special edition’ that costs more, has only a small number available, but can be ordered later online. This can be thought of as ‘an upgrade path’ and is one way you can make more money! (What if you had a few shirts in glitter that sold for a lot more? You might only sell a few, but they might make good money you otherwise would not get – and you might find that folks really would pre-order to get something that special!)

‘No cash up front’? Don’t we have to pay for shirts?
You can start selling online without any orders at all – no cash up front. Once you approve your design it will be put on an e-commerce web page for you at no cost, if you want. (You don’t have to and we won’t unless you request it.)

Simplified printing means easy success!

Our simplified printing methods were developed to screen print our own brand for on-demand sales through Amazon, Etsy and eBay.

Are there limitations?
Our methods are chemical- and water-free, inexpensive and quick to produce but we do not offer 3 and 4 color or full color at this time. It’s a real limitation, but most group shirts are simple, so these methods are a good fit most of the time. When you add this to the ability to sell your shirt online one at a time for as long as you want, it’s a pretty cool formula!

How do you do ‘on demand’ with screen printing??
We make our own frames, we do a secret dash of this, little of that, no chemicals, no darkroom… We had to figure it out because we sell our own brand online one shirt at a time, all year long. (It’s not ‘Ample Gear’.) It was quite a ‘learning curve’ thing to do, but over time, we got it.

Giving folks a no setup fee, no minimum screen print is also our ad budget…! You like? Maybe you’ll tell someone else, please? Genius, I tell you, pure marketing genius.

Delivery to suit your needs!

We ship by whatever method you prefer. UPS ground and USPS provide good rates, but it is also even a good deal to get USPS Priority flat rate boxes. A large flat rate box is about $16 and can usually hold that many shirts, and they will arrive quickly.

Individual online orders
One at a time orders online are charged for individual shipping at cost. We ship single shirts in large flat USPS first class envelopes for $3.50 and send orders of two tees in USPS Priority Flat Rate envelopes for $5.50.

Local Delivery
Indeed, you can get your merchandise hand delivered at no charge within the greater Tacoma area. You may naturally pick up from us at any time.

Do we have to qualify or apply to get non-profit prices?
Yes, you must be affiliated with a non-profit group. This is technically a ‘wholesale’ price and we don’t do that for just anybody. We do it for folks with a cause. If you are not yet legally chartered, you can still apply.

We aren’t a chartered non-profit. Can we still use the fundraising program?
YES – just fill out our form to get started normally. We do NOT permit individuals to use the program unless there is a charitable cause associated.

A company selling a design for commercial profit is fine so long as it is not a single person company – you’ll just make a little less than a non-profit organization.

Maximize your profit!

Can we set our own prices?
Yup. If you say nothing, we will set a ‘standard’ on-line retail price of $15 for a one-ink fundraising tee shirt. But bottom line – you can charge whatever you like.

Your organization should aim to make a 100% mark-up on every t-shirt sold. We don’t care for t-shirt makers who keep the profit and give you chump change for the sale.

Unlike other companies:

– There is no ‘goal’ you have to reach before shirts are made. You start making profits much more quickly PLUS no one has to wait to see if they can actually get their products. Deliveries start right away.

– Your group will most often make half the gross income or more – and you still sell at a ‘normal’, reasonable price!

– There are no up front costs so you simply keep the money you would otherwise have to pay out to get started.

– There are no design fees for non-profits, so you simply keep that money, too. We donate 100% of our design work. You read that right: No fee. It’s our way of showing support.

Start your profits right now!